Reclaiming our space…

We have very happily opened our home to my mother in law for the past few months. Just let that marinate for a minute..


 Because I am who I am, this sent me into a constant state of feeling the need to entertain.  (And pick up, and cook the perfect meals, and play with the girls sufficiently, and never sit down so she doesn’t think I’m idle.) And while hanging out and “playing with Grammy” has been fun, our house has quickly fallen into disrepair.  Nothing is in its place.  And to be truthful I have had to evaluate spaces that I normally wouldn’t be because they were the only quiet places in our home (places like my girls’ closets, and maybe under their beds and let me tell you..they are a sight!).


We will be purging a LOT of things in the upcoming weeks.  Right now the countdown until “operation get Grammy in her new place” kicks off is 11 days.  So in 11 days stuff will be flying!  I mean watch out…only not literally, because if you show up during this process you may not be able to find us buried under the mountains and mountains of nonsense.  Nonsense that will be leaving…or going back to its rightful home..or leaving.


Pretty strong statement, but I feel convicted and ready.


There is an old fable (and this is the SHORT version) about a man who complains that his family is too loud, so he goes to the village wise man and is told to bring all of his animals in the house.  He goes back when he can’t take it anymore and is told to get all the animals out.  The man ends up with a new found appreciation for his family and their noisiness.


We are that way with stuff.  It is time to get back to basics and start with a clean slate.  Just in time for the holidays…sigh.


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