This is NOT a post about resolutions..

Do you hear me NOT resolutions…

However, in the coming year there are a few minute items I would like to develop and refine.  Items such as…

1. Get really good at running 5Ks.  As you may know the hubby has become a triathelete.  He is getting in ridiculous good shape, and while I have no desire to run another half marathon I recognize the need for more cardio.  (You know in case of the zombie apocalypse).

2. Continue to clear out the clutter.  Nuff said.  There is an awesome group I follow on Tumblr called “Unf*&$# your habitat”.  They show all these pictures of real people making real progress on their real spaces.  It ain’t Home and Garden, but right now it makes me wanna clear out more crap.

3. Actually blog.  I have this space to put things out into the universe and I rarely do.  I am going to try and get better at this.

4. Read and memorize a scripture or two.  This year was really tough for me.  I feel like we were thrown a lot of curve balls (none of which we had any control over..they were like curve balls thrown by “wild thing” Charlie Sheen).  I feel that if I arm myself with scripture, it will make these instances easier to manage/endure.

5. Spend less time documenting family time, and more time enjoying family time.  Honestly who cares if we went to the zoo…again, or out to the theatre…again.  However, our kids will care that we are there with them wholly and uninterrupted.  Now I do not mean that I won’t be taking pictures…I have a kick butt camera and a beautiful family.  I just mean there are going to be a lot of #latergrams this year.

So this seems like a good start.  And it might be attainable.  Here’s hoping!


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