Birthdays are for themes..

I love a good party!  

Each of the girls have had their birthdays at our home.  They get to pick the theme, and we (I mean I) have a ton of fun putting together all the decorations and food.  One of my favorite parties was the little bits 3rd birthday.  She wanted a “catapiwer birfday” so that’s what we did!

Eric Carle to the rescue for lots of inspiration!

This wreath is how our guests were greeted..and how they knew they were at the right place.Image

To honor the birthday girl we hung this in our dining room.



The food was really easy, and for a summer birthday just right!  Each of the kids had their own muffin tin to keep all of their food separate and contained as they snacked around the house or poolside.




Two of my favorite items were the chocolate dipped marshmallow ice cream cones, and the lollipop topiary.  




While the party was a pool party, I wanted to have a craft for those littles that did not feel like taking a dip.  Fingerpainting caterpillars worked out perfectly!  I wish I had a picture of the finished products, they turned out super cute. Thank heavens for the plastic disposable tablecloth.


Since the guests were all little, we did not have a set agenda.  Lots of running around playing, snacking, crafting, and giggles.  

As a thank you, I put together just a little bag with some summer fun items like sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and markers with a note pad.  Tying a little caterpillar tag on the bag was an easy way to say thank you for coming.


I think the birthday girl and her friends had a good time!





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