The little things

So I have started identifying and eliminating areas of clutter and stress. One of them happened to be my medicine cabinet.  Actually we don’t have a medicine cabinet, so everything we needed to “get well soon” was shoved in a big box under our bathroom sink.

Now I am sure you are all peaches and cream and roses and sunshine when you have a headache, but I am NOT.  When I need aspirin, I need it yesterday..and I for sure do not want to have to dig.  That fact alone made this project a priority for me.

So..imagine a giant plastic box of every medicine you could possibly need (i.e.. I have no “before” picture)

Now get a load of this..



I basically sorted my meds in to categories we could use.  Then off to the store to find containers that had a little color and fun print.  Add some labels and viola!

Now if the rest of that closet could be as easy to manage as the meds!


***ADDENDUM – This was a post I should have made last spring.  To me the test of a good organization is, can it be maintained for the long haul?  The answer for this particular project is yes!  It has been very simple not only to find what we need, but to get things back in their home for the next time we need them.  I give this little project an A+.  For about twenty minutes worth of work (gathering all the items and putting them in one place, sorting, and organizing) I cut my stress level way down.  Which actually means I need a lot less of the meds in those bins.