A..B..C.. as easy as 1..2..3..

I am making sure my space is ready for all the hard core crafting I am going to do this summer (bwahahaha! you know..while the kids are home, silently reading and having perfectly harmonious tea parties together).  It is going to take a bunch of little organization projects to make this happen.

A good place to start, in my mind, was with my alphabets.  This is in part because I needed them for a project and got really frustrated when I couldn’t find what I needed, only to go out and buy what I needed, only to find it in the bottom of the box i already had.  Soooo..

Here is what I started with..


Yeah..what a mess!  There are all sorts of amazing and beautiful storage boxes to hold and sort stuff like this.  However I wanted something portable, inexpensive, and preferably already in my closet.  Which is where I pulled these from..


Plain..multipocketed..plastic and light.  I can throw them in a bag to scrap on the go.  I can toss them in a drawer for easy, out of sight access.  Perfect!  All I needed was to take about ten minutes to sort what I have in to usable categories, and file them away.  I finished off the project by labeling the envelopes (since I have a strange feeling more of these envelopes will appear during the course of this project) and labeling each pocket so I can find what I need in a snap.  Here is a collage from start to finish.




I couldn’t be happier with the result.  It was a super simple way to save time and energy.  After all, I am pretty sure that my projects are going to be done in two to three minute bursts in between refereeing sessions.  Gotta make it work!